Kitchen Gadgets Dumpling Mould Pure White

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Product information :

Material: abs

Product category: dumpling  maker

Color: pure white
Style: modern and simple

Key Points:
1. Convenient and fast: let you easily make a lot of dumplings in a short time. These cookie makers won't take up much of your storage space.
2. EASY TO USE: Place the dough or dough on the surface, then add your favorite filling, fold and press to seal. Great for making cookies. You can make more dumplings at once, especially for beginners.
3. Handy Cookie Maker: This cool gadget makes cooking more enjoyable, allowing you to create the perfect moment to cook with your family.
4. EASY TO CLEAN: The simple design can easily wash any food and remove all residues, and it is also dishwasher safe.
5. Time-saving: What used to be done in 30 minutes can now be done in 10 minutes. Enjoy cooking with your family.

Packing list:
Dumpling maker*1

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