Magnetic Peeler For Household Use Kitchen Gadgets

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his peeler has a compact size and a lightweight body that is easy to carry around in your bag, and with its magnetic design, it can be attached to the fridge or microwave without taking up much space.
It is a peeler with a very sharp blade that fits seamlessly into the peel, peeling thinly and evenly without wasting flesh and locking in the moisture of the food.
It is made of high-quality ABS, AS, and SUS materials.
The length of this peeler is 6.7cm, the width is 6cm and the height is 1.6cm.
It is perfect for potatoes, vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers and more.

Product information:

Specifications: yellow, purple, white, green
Material: ABS+AS+SUS
Packaging: boxed
Product size: 6.7 * 6 * 1.6cm
Weight: 32g

Packing list:


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